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Why Should I Visit My Dentist so Often?

According to the American Dental Associate (ADA), it's recommended that your dentist dictate how often you should schedule checkups and dental cleanings. The average recommendation is twice a year; some people maybe be able to maintain oral health with one visit while others may need multiple. 

Dr. Christopher Sinick and Dr. Jessica Sinick are highly-skilled at detecting oral issues such as tooth decay, infection, gum disease, and more before they become problems. If you suddenly experience tooth and jaw pain, this could be a symptom of a bigger problem and should be addressed immediately. At Sinick Family Dental, we recommend being vigilant and proactive about your oral and general health; unfortunately, ...

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2019 Sinick Family Dental Photo Scholarship Finalists Announced

sinick family dental | photo scholarship | finalists

We are excited to announce that the 5 finalists have been selected for this year's Sinick Family Dental Photo Scholarship! It was a really hard time selecting just five photos to choose to make it to the next round of consideration. We loved seeing the creativity from all of the students that submitted photos and it reminded us why we love living and working here in Medina!

The final winner will be selected based on three different categories:

1. The number of Facebook "Likes" their photo receives

2. The number of votes their photo receives from people that visit our office. Anyone is welcome to stop by anytime we are open and cast ...

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5 Common Smile Flaws that Cosmetic Dentistry Can Solve

Cosmetic Dentistry Fixes | Medina, OH | Sinick Family Dental

What cosmetic dental flaws bother you? It might be a tiny chip that nobody notices but you or stained teeth that make you feel self-conscious when you smile. Any imperfection large or small not only detracts from your appearance but also hurts your confidence.

The great news is that if you’re looking to improve your smile, cosmetic dentistry in Medina, OH offers the solution you need. Advances in materials and the way they’re used now give dentists more ways than ever to help you get back the smile you can’t wait to share.

What Bothers You about Your Smile?

If you’re considering an improvement, start by pinpointing exactly what it is that ...

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Second Annual Sinick Family Dental Scholarship Applications Open!

Scholarships Available in Medina, OH

Are you or do you know a senior at Medina High School? Are they interested in photography? Would they like to win a $1,000 scholarship and have their work displayed in our dental office for a year?

If you can answer yes to the questions above please enter your photos and essay for a chance to win a $1,000 from Sinick Family Dental. 

$1,000 Scholarship for a Senior Medina High School Student

The $1000 scholarship is eligible to any senior Medina High School student. Each student can submit up to five digital photographs that will be considered. The submitted photographs must be taken by the student applying for the scholarship. Five photographs ...

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When Does a Dental Problem become an Emergency?

Emergency Dental Work | Medina, OH

You had a little toothache that came and went so you ignored it. Now it’s a big toothache, and it’s here to stay.

Pain your tooth, whether it tingles or throbs, is a sign that something is going on that needs attention. It’s clear that you need to see your emergency dentists in Summerville as soon as possible, but what about other dental problems? At what point do you have an emergency?

If It Bothers You, Call Your Dentist!

Your dentist doesn’t want you to spend precious time deciding whether or not you have a “real” emergency. But there are degrees of emergencies, and it’s helpful to know which is which. Critical ...

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Could Your Child Benefit from Dental Sealants and Supplemental Fluoride?

Young Boy Getting Dental Work Done | Dentist Medina OH

Do you know what the most common chronic illness is among children? Would you be surprised to learn that it’s dental caries or cavities?

Fortunately, public awareness about this issue has led to a decrease in cases over the years. However, considering that cavities are highly preventable, the numbers are still too high. As your pediatric dentist in Medina, we provide guidance and education so your child can enjoy a problem-free smile.

Can Sealants and Supplemental Fluoride Help?

If you are diligent with your child’s oral health and teach them the correct way to brush and floss, you are already on the right track. But if you feel like you’re doing everything right ...

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How We Customize Modern Dentures

Customizing Dentures | Medina OH

Years ago, the news that you needed dentures was often disheartening; how would your smile look with artificial teeth? Would others notice? What about comfort and function?

These are all still valid questions, of course, but recently there have been many impressive advances in dental materials and technology. Dentists today take great pride in designing natural-looking restorations like dentures that fit comfortably, function well, and enhance your appearance.

How the Dentures Process Works

Here’s how the process works:

There are several options for tooth replacement today, so the first step is a consultation with your dentist to determine if dentures are a good choice for you. Once you decide to go ahead with ...

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