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What to Expect with Tooth Extractions

September 29, 2021
Posted By: Sinick Family Dental
tooth extraction in medina

The idea of tooth extraction may seem frightening, but we pride ourselves on gentle extractions, and our team is with you throughout the process.

Your Medina, MO dentist recommends extractions for various reasons, and in many cases, it sets you up for improved oral health.

Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction in Medina, OH

If you need a tooth extraction in Medina, OH, it may be for one of the following reasons:

  • Severe decay, breakage, or trauma
  • Before orthodontics
  • Before full dentures
  • Wisdom teeth issues

What to Expect at Your Tooth Extraction Appointment

At Sinick Family Dental, you can count on a gentle tooth extraction every time.

We start with a consultation and depending on the reason for your extraction, we may also discuss tooth replacement options, including dental implants.

At your consultation, your dentist may also take a health history if no information is in our file, and we typically take x-rays to guide your extraction precisely.

We then schedule your extraction appointment.

We gently anesthetize the extraction site at this appointment, waiting until the area is perfectly numb before pulling your tooth. Remember, we are relying on image-guided technology for the easiest extraction possible.

Following your extraction, your dentist provides at-home instructions and may recommend an over-the-counter pain reliever if you experience any discomfort later in the evening.

Tooth Replacement in Medina

If you had extractions due to trauma and are considering tooth replacement options, we will schedule you to come in for this treatment after you’ve finished healing.

Options can include a dental implant, a dental bridge, or a partial denture.

For Gentle Dentistry in Medina, OH, Give Us a Call Today

Our compassionate team will be with you throughout the extraction process and after. Contact us anytime if you have questions following your extractions or if you’d like to come see the dentist.

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