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Why You Should Choose a Mercury-Free Dentist

December 23, 2020
Posted By: Sinick Family Dental Staff
Smiling Mercury Free fillings in Medina Ohio

Silver mercury (amalgam) is a material sometimes used to fill cavities. Mercury fillings are very common, and many Americans have them. Unfortunately, silver mercury fillings can release small amounts of mercury into your mouth, especially as you chew. 

This can be a problem because mercury is a heavy metal. If you are exposed to too much mercury at a time, it can be toxic to you.

For this reason, some people decide to go with a mercury-free dentist, like Dr. Christopher Sinick or Dr. Jessica Sinick, to perform their dental work. Your mercury-free dentist will avoid putting any mercury materials, like amalgam, into your mouth to repair your teeth. 

What Does a Mercury-Free Dentist Do Differently?

Mercury-free dentists often use composite fillings instead of silver mercury. In addition to not containing mercury, composite fillings can also be matched to the color of your teeth, making the composite fillings less visible when you talk and smile than a mercury-based filling, which is dark in color. 

If you already have silver mercury fillings, you may decide to have your mercury fillings removed and replaced with another type of filling material. If you decide you want your mercury fillings replaced or if you need a mercury filling removed for dental reasons, choosing a dentist who is familiar with removing mercury fillings is important. 

When a mercury filling is removed from your tooth, mercury vapors can be released into the air. However, a mercury-free dental office, like Sinick Family Dental, will have your safety as their top priority. 

A mercury-free dental office will keep you and the dental professionals working on your teeth safe from mercury exposure. 

When you have a mercury filling removed, a mercury-free dentist should do the following:

  • Isolate the mercury-filled tooth.
  • Give you 100% oxygen to breathe during the procedure.
  • Use strong suction to remove all the amalgam from the tooth.
  • Provide an air purifier for the room where the procedure is taking place to absorb any mercury vapors that are released.

A mercury-free dental office, like ours in Medina, will provide a safe, healthy environment for your mercury removal procedure.

If you’re interested in having a mercury filling removed, please feel free to contact Sinick Family Dental with any questions. We will be happy to discuss the mercury-removal procedure with you in-depth to make sure you are comfortable before your appointment.

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