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When you ask people what they notice first about others, it is often their smile.

A beautiful smile can go a long way in your professional, social, and personal life. Being happy with your smile makes you want to smile more, and smiling more makes others want to be around you. Smiling is contagious!

Dr. Sinick and the team at Sinick Family Dental want you to have a beautiful smile. They want you to be confident in who you are, and having a nice-looking smile can help. Having a healthy and functioning smile can also make it easier for you to eat, which can help make your whole body healthier. Cosmetic dentistry in Medina, OH can help you achieve the smile you've always wanted, and Dr. Sinick can help you get there. Contact our dental office at (330) 587-9292 to start your journey towards an improved smile today.

Are you happy with the shade of your teeth?

cosmetic dentistry | medina, OHOne of the first things people will notice about your smile is its color and brightness. Are you satisfied with the brightness of your teeth? Or, perhaps they're a bit more yellow or stained that you would like? We want you to feel proud and confident about your smile! Teeth whitening is one of the most affordable and most straightforward ways to help improve your smile at our Medina cosmetic dentist office.  

There are several different ways that we can help you get whiter teeth. Some of these are in-office teeth whitening treatments, and others are whitening kits that you will take home. For most of our patients in Medina, in-office teeth whitening typically yields results the fastest. Professional teeth whitening is ideal if you have a vacation, wedding, or other big event coming up. 

Take-home teeth whitening kits include customized plastic trays and high-strength bleaching gel. We typically recommend about two weeks of teeth whitening at home to achieve your desired results. Custom trays and prescription-strength whitening gel will provide better long-term results than any of the teeth whitening products you might find at the grocery store.

Do you like the shape or arrangement of your teeth?

Sometimes teeth are too small or have an odd shape. If this is the case for you, there are a few things we can do to help. If your teeth are not straight an invisible braces option, like Invisalign, may be an ideal solution for you.

If the shape of your teeth bothers you, there are several different options to help your teeth look more uniform. Porcelain veneers and dental crowns are the most lifelike options we offer at our Medina office to correct the shape and color of your teeth.  

Dental bonding is another way we can help change the shape of your teeth and have you smiling confidently again. Bonding utilizes composite filling material, like Dr. Sinick uses for dental fillings, to restore your teeth. Bonding is a non-invasive and efficient procedure, and Dr. Sinick can usually complete it during one visit.

Are you living with crooked or crowded teeth?

Having misaligned teeth can be embarrassing. Not only that, crooked teeth can make it challenging to eat, or brush and floss properly. If you don't keep your teeth clean, you are at risk for developing more significant problems like gum disease or tooth decay. Straightening your teeth is beneficial for both your confidence and your dental health.

Invisalign offers adults an option for straightening their teeth effectively and efficiently, without anyone noticing their treatment. Because Invisalign uses clear aligners instead of metal brackets and wires, it's virtually invisible. Better yet, clear aligners are more comfortable than metal brackets and wires that poke your gums and soft tissues. They're also removable, so you can still enjoy all the foods you love to eat during your treatment.

Are missing teeth impacting your smile?

Girl holding up Invisalign clear aligner in Medina, OHThe loss of a tooth impacts both your smile and your self-esteem. You may find it more difficult to chew and eat the foods you used to enjoy while smiling and talking to other people.

The good news is that Medina dentists, Drs. Christopher and Jessica Sinick offer solutions for patients with single or multiple missing teeth and can guide you gently through the process of restoring your smile and your confidence once again.

Dental implants are the top industry choice for replacing missing teeth since they restore both your tooth and its lost root. This is important because your tooth root protects the health of your jawbone, and keeps it from deteriorating. Without a tooth root, your bone begins to dissolve, eliminating support for your surrounding teeth and even changing the appearance of your facial structure. A new tooth also keeps neighboring teeth from drifting and causing bite misalignment.

At Sinick Famly Dental, our Medina cosmetic dentists both place and restore dental implants, so you can work with the team you trust throughout your entire procedure. We would love to talk with you about options for replacing missing teeth so you can reclaim your smile.

Have you dreamed of a perfect smile?

If you've ever spent time admiring the smiles of your favorite actor or actress, you should know that they likely were not born with that smile. Most celebrities have had their teeth enhanced with porcelain veneers because they can create a perfectly harmonious smile. Dental veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that fit over your teeth and cover imperfections like:

  • Shape and size discrepancies
  • Stains, yellowing, or discoloration
  • Spaces or gaps between teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth

Because they can change the shape, color, and size of your teeth, dental veneers allow you to design the smile you wished you were born with. Better yet, you can achieve your dream smile in as little as a few weeks from start to finish. Contact your cosmetic dentist in Medina to learn more about porcelain veneers and how they can change your smile.

Are multiple missing teeth a problem for you?

Cosmetic dentistry patients in Medina, OHLosing one tooth is significant, and unfortunately, without a tooth replacement, one missing tooth can quickly start a downward spiral of more tooth loss. We understand you may feel discouraged about your options if you are missing multiple teeth. But we want to reassure you that there are great solutions for restoring function and appearance to your smile. You may even be able to enjoy the benefits that dental implants have to offer.

Don't let the loss of multiple teeth hold you back from reclaiming your smile! A dental bridge, partial, or denture could be an ideal solution for your needs, and tooth implants can sometimes be used to support these appliances. Schedule an evaluation with one of our Medina dentists to learn more about what's possible for your smile.

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