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5 Tips for Setting Your Child on the Path to Oral Health

May 18, 2018
Posted By: Dr. Jessica Sinick
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Do you have dental anxiety? Can you trace it back to a negative experience with a dentist as a child? 

Millions of adults are burdened with anxiety about dental visits for this very reason. If this applies to you, you have probably spent years avoiding the dentist, with poorer oral health as a result.

So when it's time for your child's first trip to the dentist, it's crucial that you take steps to help them develop a healthy, positive attitude about their oral health care.

Choose the Right Dentist

Many practices that treat children may not necessarily be open to handling the unique needs of little kids. Opt for a professional who welcomes children and goes out of their way to make them feel safe and secure.

Acclimate Your Child

The first visit to a dental office can be overwhelming for a child. Before their first "official" appointment, see if you can arrange for a tour of the office for your child. When it's time for their appointment, they will at least be familiar with the environment and the professionals they'll be working with.

Get Your Child Interested

Take advantage of your child's natural curiosity by going to the library and looking for children's books or checking online for coloring pages that put a fun twist on visiting the dentist. 

Keep Your Fears to Yourself

Your child takes their cues from you, and if you're projecting anxiety, they will pick up on your feelings. Any unfamiliar situation can be stressful for a child; don't add to it by saddling them with your fears. 

Ask for Hygiene and Nutrition Guidance

Your child's first visits are as much about educating you as they are to provide dental care for your child. Ensuring that your child develops sound oral hygiene habits is crucial, so ask questions and make sure you're guiding them properly.

Please Call Sinick Family Dental

Dr. Christopher Sinick is a Medina, OH pediatric dentist who is invested in helping kids of all ages get the most positive, healthiest start with their oral health. Please call us for more helpful tips or to make your child's first appointment.

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