TMJ Treatment in Medina, OH

A woman holds her hand to her jaw | Medina TMJ treatmentJaw pain affects your everyday life. If you don’t have the ability to open your mouth or chew because of pain, it will change the way you live. You won’t be able to eat the foods you want to, and sometimes the pain can be enough that you have to take medication all the time. 

Your jaw is very complex, and dealing with the cause of the pain can be complex, as well. Dr. Sinick and his team at Sinick Family Dental will take the time to get to know you and understand the causes of your pain in order to offer a solution.

What Causes My Jaw to Hurt?

There are several different reasons why your jaw would start hurting. The most common reason is that it is the result of some sort of habit. The two most common habits that cause jaw pain are grinding and clenching your teeth. 

Many people are not aware that they grind their teeth since it most often happens at night. You may notice some of the following signs that indicate you are grinding your teeth:

  • Your teeth are chipped.
  • Your teeth are shorter than they once were.
  • Your teeth no longer have cusp tips but are flat instead.
  • You wake up with a sore jaw.
  • You notice parts of your tooth missing along the gum line.

How Do You Treat TMJ Pain?

A woman smiles | TMJ Pain medinaOur first step in treating your TMJ/ jaw pain is to perform a thorough exam and figure out what is causing it. Our doctors always likes to begin with the most conservative treatment first. This often means that we will begin by making a night guard (also called a bite guard or occlusal guard). 

There are several different types that we use depending on your unique situation. Some will cover your entire arch and others will only cover your front teeth. Our doctors will determine what type of guard is best for your situation based on your needs. If a guard does not offer complete relief, there are several other steps we can take to treat your jaw pain.

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