Same-Day Dental Crowns in Medina, OH

Dental crowns are essential dental restorations because they provide a way for your Medina, OH dentist to protect a decayed or broken tooth from further damage. A durable dental crown fabricated at an outside dental lab will give you many years of service, but the traditional process for planning and placing them is time-consuming.

Multiple appointments, injections, and impressions, and a two-week wait—who has time for all that?

At Sinick Family Dental, our dentists have found a way to streamline the process using CEREC same-day dental crowns for our Medina, OH patients. With CEREC technology, we eliminate the need for multiple appointments and a long wait, which makes it possible for you to leave our dental office the same day with your beautiful, durable dental crown securely in place. 

Why We Recommend Dental Crowns in Medina

Patients smiling after getting dental crowns and bridgesWherever possible, our Medina, OH dentists choose the most conservative treatment that will restore your oral health. We use dental fillings to fill cavities, but in some cases, the damage to a tooth is so extensive that a filling isn't enough to protect it.

In this case, we would recommend a dental crown that covers the tooth to protect it from further damage.

CEREC dental crowns are quite versatile, and our dentists use them to:

  • Protect a broken or cracked tooth
  • Build up a tooth that’s worn down by grinding or bruxism
  • Strengthen a tooth with a cavity that’s too large for a filling
  • Protect a tooth that’s been treated with a root canal
  • Restore function to a dental implant
  • Anchor a dental bridge in place

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is customized to cover your entire tooth. When we place a crown on a broken tooth, we restore the tooth’s appearance and its function, so you will be able to chew on it comfortably again.

If you have a compromised tooth, call Sinick Family Dental at (330) 587-9292 to schedule an appointment. Our dentists will determine if a dental crown is right for you and explain how the CEREC same-day crown process works.

Same-Day CEREC Dental Crowns in Medina, OH

Getting a dental crown that is fabricated at a custom dental lab requires at least two different appointments. In between those appointments, you would have to wear a temporary crown for two to three weeks.

If you have ever had a temporary, you know that they never look quite as good as a permanent crown. Temporary crowns aren’t as stable, either, so you can’t fully use the tooth while you’re wearing one.

At Sinick Family Dental, we’ve done away with the multiple steps and appointments involved with the process by offering CEREC same-day dental crowns for our Medina, OH patients. Because we have stayed current with the latest technology (CEREC), we can complete most dental crowns on the same day.

Do you need a dental crown but don't have time for multiple appointments and a two- to three-week wait? Call us at (330) 587-9292 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Christopher Sinick or Dr. Jessica Sinick to get started.

CEREC Technology Streamlines the Crowns Process

Cerec Dental Crown technology in Medina OHCEREC is the acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics because the entire process for designing and fabricating your crown is done in our office while you wait. Our dentists are pleased to offer this leading-edge technology to our patients in Medina, OH that need a dental crown but don’t want to deal with a two-week wait, multiple appointments, and temporary crowns.

There are several ways CEREC streamlines the process of getting a new dental crown in Medina, OH:

  • No multiple injections
  • No multiple visits
  • No messy impressions
  • Same-visit convenience
  • A beautiful, durable dental crown

We still offer high-quality lab-fabricated crowns, but busy patients and those who aren’t comfortable with dental visits appreciate the convenience of CEREC same-day crown technology offered at Sinick Family Dental. If you would like to learn more about CEREC dental crowns, please call our Medina, OH dental office at (330) 587-9292 to schedule an appointment.

CEREC Crowns Eliminate Messy Impressions

Have you ever had a dental impression taken? An assistant places a metal tray filled with impression putty in your mouth and has you bite down on it until it set. Sitting there for several minutes with the tray clenched between your teeth is nobody's idea of fun and worse for those with a strong gag reflex. And if the impression didn’t set right the first time, the assistant and dentist would repeat the entire process.

CEREC technology eliminates this uncomfortable step because we take your impressions using a small, handheld scanner that we pass over your teeth. The scanner captures digital impressions that CEREC software turns into a highly detailed 3-D digital model of your teeth that we use to plan and design your new crown.

What Happens During a CEREC Crowns Appointment

Cerec Machine at Sinick Family DentalOnce we decide together that a CEREC crown is right for you, our dentists start by preparing your tooth just as they would to place a traditional crown. But that is where the similarity between the two processes ends!

The first step is to use our handheld digital scanner to take highly-detailed 3-D images of the tooth we're treating. Specialized software uses this scan to make a 3-D model of your tooth in the computer program.  

During the next step, our dentist designs your new CEREC dental crown on the computer right in front of you. Once we design your restoration in the software, we send the digital file to a milling machine here in our dental office that works like a 3-D printer to fabricate your crown out of a tooth-colored block of porcelain.

This step usually takes 10 to 15 minutes, and during this time, you are more than welcome to watch with amazement as your crown is being made, or you can relax and watch your favorite show on TV. 

Once your new CEREC dental crown is ready, we will adjust it for perfect fit and cement it just as we would a crown that comes from the lab. You will leave our Medina, OH dental office with a beautiful new restoration in place. 

Get a New CEREC Crown in as Little as Two Hours at Our Medina Office

The process of getting a CEREC dental crown placed on your tooth goes quickly. It's similar to the traditional steps where we check the restoration for proper fit, make bite adjustments, and cement it securely in place.

Not only will you leave our office the same day with a new crown, but the entire process of preparing your tooth, designing your new crown, milling it, and placing it on your tooth can take two hours or less.

At the end of the appointment, you will be able to eat, drink, and smile with confidence, knowing your teeth are healthy, and you look your best.

Schedule a Consultation for Dental Crowns in Medina

We're pleased to offer convenient early morning and evening hours so you can plan your CEREC appointment at a time that works best for you. On Tuesdays, we are open until 6 PM, and on Fridays, we open at 7 AM so that you can fit in your appointment before or after work. Call (330) 587-9292 to find out more or schedule your appointment online!