Stress-Free Root Canals in Medina, OH

Root Canals | Medina, OH | Sinick Family DentalRoot canals have a bad reputation despite being a large part of tooth-saving dentistry. Not only can a good root canal save your tooth, but it also relieves the pain associated with a root infection. Root canals in Medina, OH are gentle and effective.

It’s important to remember that the reputation surrounding root canal therapy is not the fault of the root canal itself, but because of the infection or abscess that makes the root canal necessary. The vast majority of the time, a root canal is painless, actually makes you feel a lot better, and allows you to eat your favorite foods and drink your favorite beverages again without the pain of infection.  

Dr. Christopher Sinick knows this from experience. When he was young, he had a badly infected tooth that led to his face swelling to the size of a baseball. The pain that he experienced during this ordeal was unbearable. When he had a root canal, the pain went away virtually overnight. In fact, this is one of the experiences that made Dr. Sinick want to become a dentist. Now, he performs root canals regularly and relieves toothaches in Medina, OH with ease.

At Sinick Family Dental, we don’t want you to feel any pain, and we understand that root canals can be scary to most people, but they don’t have to be. Our doctors have undergone extensive training and use the latest methods and techniques to make the whole process as efficient and painless for you as possible.

If you have a toothache or think you may need root canal therapy, make an appointment with Sinick Family Dental today by calling (330) 587-9292. You can also schedule online. When it comes to a toothache, we recommend not waiting, because infections can spread quickly.  

Also, check out the list of our most frequently asked questions about root canal therapy below to learn more.

Why do I need a root canal?

You need a root canal when your tooth is infected. The most common cause of a tooth infection is decay that is large enough to reach the inside of your tooth. Once the bacteria that cause decay reach the center of your tooth, they begin to die. This can be mildly painful or cause excruciating pain that keeps you awake at night, especially  if you do not have treatment quickly. This is why we recommend scheduling an appointment with one of our top Medina, OH dentists at the first signs of infection or pain.

Signs may include one or more of the following:

  • Tooth pain that may worsen when eating or drinking
  • Tooth sensitivity to hot or cold
  • A blister on the gum near the area of tooth pain or sensitivity
  • Swelling in the face or gum

When your tooth has gotten to the point that it needs root canal therapy, there are only two ways to get rid of the infection - a root canal or an extraction. With all the advances of modern dentistry, there are many great options for replacing a tooth. Even with all the advances dentistry has made in the last few decades, however, there is nothing better than your natural tooth.  

What is the root canal procedure?

The team at Sinick Family Dental is here to help give you the best treatment possible, and often this means keeping your own tooth. We start out by removing the infected nerve and blood vessels in the middle of your tooth. One of our doctors will then reshape the inside of your tooth and fill the area with a special root canal filling material to return your tooth to strength and relieve the pain of infection.

After the root canal is done, you will often need a dental crown. Visit our Same Day Crowns page to see what makes our crowns different. There are some cases where you will only need a filling. We will let you know all about this before we begin.

Will I lose my tooth if I do not get a root canal?

If you don’t get a root canal or a tooth extraction when decay is deep and the infection involves your root, your pain and swelling will increase, the infection may spread to other teeth or other areas, and you are likely to lose the tooth through painful breakage. Untreated root canals often lead to dental emergencies.

What technologies do you use?

We utilize digital x-rays that require less than half the amount of radiation that the old film x-rays needed. We develop these images instantly, so there is no more waiting for an x-ray to develop in the middle of your root canal.

We also make sure you’re thoroughly numb and relaxed before beginning your root canal, and one of our dentists will provide aftercare instructions or whatever you need to stay pain-free at home. Root canal therapy does not come with a lot of downtime, and you should be feeling good quickly.

Also, during your root canal, you will be able to lay back, relax, and watch your favorite show or movie on TV. We have recently installed TVs that pivot so you will be able to watch throughout your entire appointment.

Will my root canal therapy hurt?

Our top dentists make sure you are thoroughly numb before your root canal. Most patients simply watch television while our dentists provide effective and easy root canal therapy in Medina, OH.

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

If the root infection has caused significant decay and damage, a dental  filling may not shore up your tooth enough to keep it strong and useful. In this case, one of our dentists recommends a crown instead of a filling.

A crown is a tooth-shaped cover that goes on over an existing tooth—in this case a weak tooth—to keep it strong and prevent future breakage.

Crowns are tooth-colored and designed to match your smile—both the shape of surrounding teeth and the shade. At Sinick Family Dental, we offer same-day quality crowns in Medina, OH.

How can I avoid an infected tooth root in the future?Root Canals | Sinick Family Dental | Medina, OH

The best way to help prevent deep infections in teeth is through preventative dentistry and following best-practices guidelines at home—specific findings put forward by the American Dental Association.

At home, you should brush your teeth and floss at least twice per day. One of our dentists may provide more customized recommendations, including a fluoride rinse, if you are prone to cavities or deep-root infections. You should also avoid sugary snacks and beverages, and always alert our office at the first signs of tooth sensitivity.

The American Dental Association also recommends visiting the dentist twice per year for exams and every six months for dental cleanings. Periodic x-rays are also crucial when it comes to prevention. With our safe digital x-rays, one of our top dentists can spot potential issues before they become real problems!

Also, a dental hygienist can clear away bacteria that toothbrushes leave behind—bacteria that may lead to a root infection. Our hygienist can also recommend tips to use at home.

At Sinick Family Dental, our team is dedicated to relieving a toothache fast in Medina, OH, and getting patients back on the road to good oral health. For more information Schedule an appointment with one our dentists