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Mercury-Free Dentistry: What It Is and Why We Practice It

July 28, 2017
Posted By: Dr. Jessica Sinick
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There has been a lot of talk lately about the safety of mercury in amalgam fillings. Many of our patients are understandably concerned that the presence of mercury will damage their health. 

At Sinick Family Dental, your safety comes first, so we don’t use mercury fillings. We have found that we can get the strength from composite resins that contain no mercury and are good for your oral health.

The Problem with Mercury Fillings

Mercury fillings, or amalgam, have been used for decades because they were the only durable treatment option we had. The biggest problem with silver amalgam fillings is that they have been shown to release small amounts of mercury as you chew. In high concentrations, mercury can be toxic and lead to serious medical problems.

However, advances in dentistry have provided us with fillings and restorations that are as strong and durable as amalgam, without the negative side effects. Today We use natural-looking tooth-colored fillings to maintain the health and esthetics of your smile!

Amalgam fillings also crack and corrode over time, which compromises the health and integrity of the tooth. These fillings appear as dark spots in your smile, making them a poor choice for esthetic reasons.

Safe Removal of Mercury Fillings

If you would like to have your mercury fillings removed safely, we can help. Medina, OH dentist Dr. Sinick and our team follow strict guidelines for the removal of metal fillings. 
During the process, you will breathe 100% oxygen through a nasal hood. Our air purifier removes mercury vapors using a special filter. A state-of-the-art suction tool surrounds your tooth to ensure that we remove all the pieces of the filling safely.

Please Call Us to Learn More

Are you concerned about your old mercury fillings? If so, please call our Medina, OH office to arrange a consultation. Dr. Sinick will be happy to evaluate your situation and help you decide if removal is right for you.

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