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Three Surprising Causes of Cavities and How to Avoid Them

September 13, 2020
Posted By: Sinick Family Dental

Maintaining good oral health means more than brushing and flossing daily; it requires cooperation on all levels, including diet and nutrition.

Our body isn't a series of lonely islands; every system is connected. Decay in your mouth could affect your overall well-being, so it's important to treat cavities early. Allowing decay to go untreated could mean an emergency root canal to save your tooth. It's healthier, time-effective, less costly, and almost pain-free to prevent cavities. 

Cavities Can Be Transmitted

This might surprise patients that kissing can lead to cavities, but those who have poor oral health can indeed infect others with bacteria and germs. Sharing foods, drinks, and utensils are all ways to catch someone's cavities. 

Don't Snack All Day

You might think that avoiding super sugary foods is enough to keep your teeth healthy, but the truth is that snacking frequently can create tooth decay. High-carb or sugary foods are precisely what bacteria love to feast on, and snacking creates the perfect environment for them to produce acid. This acid eats at your enamel and makes cavities. 

While it's tempting to sip or eat yummy treats, you're making it harder for your teeth to battle bacteria. Allowing your mouth to return to a non-acidic state is excellent for preventing cavities. 

Sugary Foods Are Not the Only Enemy

While cavities are hand-in-hand with sugar, they can also occur when you're eating normal or healthy food. Carbohydrates or problematic foods that cover your teeth in a sticky film can also produce a cavity-friendly environment.

Certain fruits and vegetables can help polish your teeth and keep you hydrated, so it's good to stay healthy. Always drink some water after you eat to rinse off your teeth. 

Is It Time for Your Dental Cleaning?

At Sinick Family Dental, we always advise patients that prevention saves money (and teeth!). By brushing and flossing daily, avoiding constant sugary foods and drinks, and having us examine your teeth and gums, you can avoid painful dental problems.            

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