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Helping Your Child Overcome Dental Anxiety

December 6, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Christopher Sinick
Children's Dentist Medina OH

If you are a parent, you have probably put some thought into children’s dentistry in Medina, OH and how to choose the best dentist for your child. You will be happy to hear that we welcome kids to our practice, not only to make dental visits more convenient for your entire family but also because we love helping kids have healthy smiles.

Some parents face dental anxiety when it comes to their kids. It is important to remember that fear of the dentist is usually learned from a parent or caregiver that has a fear of the dentist. Here are some ways to help your child overcome or avoid dental anxiety.

Avoid Talking about Dentistry in a Negative Way

Even if you have dental anxiety, avoid passing it on to your kids. Instead, use positive terms about dentistry so that your child can avoid suffering from the same dental phobia you have grappled with over the years.

Make Their First Dental Visit a Milestone

Help your little one get excited about his or her first dental visit! Take pictures, tell them about the prizes available in our office, and make their first trip to the dentist a big deal! With the right attitude, they will even look forward to a trip to Sinick Family Dental. 

Avoid Scary Terms

Don’t say things like, “pain, shot, or drill.”

Even if your child does not understand the full meaning of the words you are using in the context of dentistry, they can pick up on tone and body language that may send a signal to their developing brains that there is indeed something to fear.

If you do your part, we will do ours! We make dentistry fun, educational, and interactive. We teach your child the skills he or she will need to keep their smile healthy for a lifetime. Above all else, we make comfort a top priority, so that when it comes to children’s dentistry in our Medina, OH dental office, they truly have nothing to fear.

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