Dental Implants

A diagram of a dental implant | Dental implants in medina ohDo you have missing teeth you want to replace but you don’t want a removable appliance?

Do you have trouble flossing under bridges?

Maybe you have a denture or partial that is always coming loose.

If any of these sound familiar, dental implants can help you get back to chewing like you used to.

Replacing a Single Tooth

Dental implants can be a great way to replace a single tooth. Other options for replacing a missing tooth can involve grinding down the teeth adjacent to your missing tooth and making a bridge that fuses the “three” teeth together as one piece. Bridges can also be a hassle to floss under. 

When you replace a single tooth with an implant, it is incredibly similar to your natural tooth. You can floss, brush, and chew on your implant just like normal. Drs. Christopher and Jessica Sinick and the team at Sinick Family Dental will give you the best options to treat your specific situation so we can get you back to smiling and eating comfortably again.

Implants are made up of three separate parts. The first is the implant. This is a titanium screw-like piece that is placed in the bone. The second part is a connector between the implant and the third and final part, the crown. The crown is the part that looks like a tooth inside your mouth. 

Implants can be placed the same day as the extraction of your tooth. Other times, bone grafting may be necessary and a waiting period of three to four months will be required before the implant can be placed. Each situation is unique, and we will let you know what will work best for you. 

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth in several ways. First, if two or more teeth are missing and you would like to be able to floss between individual teeth, we can place multiple implants next to each other. 

A mother and daughter smile | Medina OH dental implantsIf you are missing three or more teeth in a row, the implants can be restored with bridges. This can be a more cost effective way of replacing several missing teeth. Replacing multiple teeth with implants is a great way to get you back to chewing like you used to before you lost your teeth. 

Implants as Anchors for Partials and Dentures

Are you annoyed by a denture or partial that irritates your gums or moves around while you talk? Are you afraid that when you laugh or sneeze your teeth will come out?

We can help you get your confidence back. 

Sometimes implants can be adapted to fit into your existing denture or partial to gain more ability to chew and hold your teeth in place. Occasionally a new partial or denture will have to be made to attach properly to the implants.

The implants can snap into a removable appliance so that it can come in and out when you want, making cleaning the appliance and implants easy. You can also have the implants fixed to your appliance so it does not come out. Instead, we would remove it at your regular cleanings. 

Implants are a great solution to missing teeth. If you have questions or would like a consult, please call our team at (330) 725-9851.