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Is teeth whitening safe?

Even if your teeth are naturally white, they may not always be that way. Teeth become stained easily, and they can be affected just by enjoying some coffee every day. Teeth can absorb colors like teas, curries, tomato sauces, and more. 

Keeping your teeth bright and polished is a booming industry, but very few products can give you the immediate and remarkable results that professional-grade bleaching will.

Professional-Grade Whitening Treatments Are Best

There are two ways you can get the results you want: in-office treatments or at-home whitening. Dr. Jessica Sinick and Dr. Christopher Sinick can custom fabricate a whitening tray that keeps the bleaching gel from leaking. 

When teeth whitening products are incorrectly applied or abused, there may be some sensitivity that occurs. Some Medina patients may experience some temporary sensitivity, but the effects should not last for long. 

While there may be some mild side effects, most professional whitening treatments are safe as long as they are correctly applied.

Teeth whitening is safe and effective, especially when administered by a dental professional at Sinick Family Dental.

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While many store brands promise incredible results, the only real procedure that can give you Hollywood looks is through your local dentist. 

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