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Are all dental fillings mercury-free?

At Sinick Family Dental, we focus on the patient's individual needs and overall oral health. Your comfortability and peace of mind are our highest priorities, which is why we are a mercury-free and mercury-safe dental practice. 

Though dentists have safely used silver-mercury fillings for decades, we prefer the quality and aesthetics of ceramic porcelain and composite resin restorations. These attractive alternatives to amalgam fillings are exceptionally durable, allowing you to enjoy a stunning smile for years to come.

Risks of Amalgam Fillings 

Amalgam fillings contain a heavy metal called mercury. Though the American Dental Association reaffirms that the mercury in amalgam fillings is completely safe and effective, we understand some patients are hesitant about having metal in their mouth. One of the reasons why patients don't choose silver fillings is because they can leave a dark mark on your gums, affecting the look of your smile.

Additionally, the metal in amalgam fillings can expand and contract when the temperature in your mouth changes. This shift in shape and structure adds unnatural pressure to your teeth and can lead to fractures. To accommodate amalgam fillings, your dentist must remove quite a bit of your natural tooth's structure, whereas porcelain or composite fillings preserve it.

Advantages of Mercury-Free Fillings

Mercury-free fillings such as composite resin material and ceramic porcelain are bonded directly to your tooth. Composite and porcelain fillings aren't sensitive to temperature, nor do they risk corrosion as metal fillings sometimes do. Mercury-free fillings are biocompatible, comfortable, and can last for several years with the proper oral health care. 

Mercury-free Dentistry in Medina, OH

Our team is committed to mercury-free dentistry, and we look forward to helping your family achieve their smile goals. Drs. Christopher and Jessica Sinick can expertly remove your old metal fillings and replace them with attractive, biocompatible restorations.

If you would like to schedule an appointment at our Medina dental office, please call us at (330) 725-9851. 

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