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Can you treat my jaw pain?

Every year, thousands of Americans suffer from jaw pain. Symptoms can include tenderness and swelling, pain during eating, constant headaches, and more.

Please call us right away at Sinick Family Dental to schedule an appointment so we can help treat your pain. Dental pain does not typically go away on its own and is often a sign of severe underlying issues.

Why Is My Jaw in Pain?

There are many reasons people can hurt their jaw, including arthritis or sinus issues. We can better understand your condition after a comprehensive examination using digital x-rays and other dental tools. 

Some typical oral health issues that can result in jaw pain include:

Teeth grinding

Patients may not be aware that they are grinding their teeth, especially during their sleep. Grinding your teeth creates a lot of stress and pressure and often leads to fractured teeth, sensitive teeth, and misaligned bites.

We can help resolve these using nightguards that keep your teeth from coming into contact. 

Periodontal disease 

This severe oral health issue can cause receding gums, tooth loss, and loose teeth.

At Sinick Family Dentistry, our root planing and scaling can help treat patients who have advanced periodontal disease. 

Temporomandibular joint disorders

TMJ disorders can cause pain to your face, jaw, and neck. Drs. Christopher Sinick and Jessica Sinick can help treat and heal your oral health disorder with different techniques.  


When oral health issues are left untreated, they can become infections, abscesses, and decay. Infections in your mouth should be taken seriously as they can quickly spread to other parts of your body, like your heart. 

Tooth pain

Tooth pain is never normal, so don't ignore it and hope for the best! The sooner we can treat your toothache, the better our chances are saving it and preventing significant oral health issues. It's also more comfortable (and cheaper) to treat dental problems as soon as they start and before you need a root canal.  


Injuries can happen at any time (especially if your active), tripping and falling on your face, sports injuries, car accidents, and more can cause debilitating jaw pain.

Are You Suffering From Jaw Pain?

Call our Medina, OH dental office to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sinick. 

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