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How do you safely remove silver mercury (amalgam) fillings?

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Silver mercury (amalgam) fillings have been shown to release a small amount of mercury as you chew. Mercury is a heavy metal that can be toxic in too high of a concentration. When removing old silver mercury fillings, it is important to take extra precautions to protect you and us.

The highest concentration of mercury occurs when a filling is removed. When we remove silver mercury fillings, the mercury is vaporized and in the air. We have special equipment to help remove the mercury in the air and protect our patients.

Our Silver Mercury Filling Removal Procedure

When we are removing a filling, you will be breathing 100% oxygen through your nose. We have a special suction that wraps around your tooth and will suction all the particles and most of the vapors away from your mouth. This helps to expose you to the least amount of mercury possible. We also have a special air purifier that sits just outside your mouth to draw the air away from you. The purifier has a special filter to absorb the mercury in the air.

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