Do you see children? At what age?

Yes, we love seeing your little ones!

We typically begin seeing children when they are around three years old. We encourage parents to bring their children along with them to their own cleaning appointments so they will become used to being at the dental office and see that it is not a scary place. If you have any questions about your child’s teeth or how to take care of them, please let us know.

Although we typically start seeing kids around age three, we'll be happy to see your child no matter how old they are. At your child’s first dental appointment, we will take the time to get them familiar with all the equipment and noise they will hear when they come to the dentist. If they are really young when they come visit us for the first time, we may simply brush their teeth and take a look around their mouth to make sure they don’t have any cavities.

It is important to ensure that every experience at the dentist's office is a good one. We go to great lengths to try to make this happen. At the end of the appointment, your child can pick a prize out of our prize box as well!

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Patient Testimonials
  • "I was a patient of Dr. Hagen's for 34 years. Dr. Sinick and his staff made the transition very smooth for me." - Denise Reynolds

  • "Some faces changed at the dental office here. However, the good service and professionalism continues. We had a few emergencies in the course of a few days and we're able to get them successfully and painlessly done. Dr. Michael Hagen replaced himself with a caring and equal person in Dr. Sinick."- Jean Heidinger

  • "I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the BEST family dental in Medina County. Next time you are in need of dental work for your family please try Sinick Family Dental! Dr. Chris Sinick and his wonderful staff will do everything to make your dental visit pleasant and effective. "- Kathlene McDonough