3 Great Questions to Ask Your Children's Dentist

Great Questions to Ask Your Children's Dentist | Sinick Family Dental

Looking for a dentist – or any health care provider – for your children can feel like a challenge. You want someone who cares for about your children’s health and puts their needs and best interests first.

If you are currently seeking children’s dentistry in Medina, OH, keep these questions in mind and make sure that they are answered to your satisfaction.


1. Does the office welcome children?

Most children don’t need a pediatric dental specialist (although if your child has advanced needs or could benefit from specialized care, we will happily provide a recommendation), but the office should still be comfortable and inviting. We offer toys for kids to play with before their appointment and entertainment throughout the visit to help your child stay relaxed and engaged.


2. Does the team have experience with children?

Children aren’t just “little adults.” They have specific needs, especially where their dental development is concerned. Along with health, we are also trying to establish good dental habits and build a foundation of trust so your child grows up viewing the dentist’s office as a safe place rather than a scary place.


3. Will the dentist keep your child’s needs in mind?

We listen carefully to the concerns of our patients – in this case, both yours and your child’s! We will always practice excellent communication to make sure you get the information you need and your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Kid-friendly language and a tell-show-do approach help your child to feel at ease.

We’ll go at your child’s pace and help them build confidence. It’s okay if the first couple of appointments are spent just visiting with your child and answering your questions. When your child is ready, we’ll give them a quick and easy cleaning, take some pictures, and have a peek at their teeth. Both parents and kids appreciate our calm and relaxed approach to children’s dentistry!


We have both early morning and evening hours available so you can fit in visits before or after school. Call Sinick Family Dental today at (330) 725-9851 to schedule an appointment for your child – or your entire family!

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